Maria Carmen Collado

Maria Carmen Collado, PhD in Biotechnology (2005), Research Scientist at IATA-CSIC, Spain. Her research work is multidisciplinary and includes microbiology, food science and nutrition areas. Her interests are focused on probiotics, microbiota and health and nutrition during pregnancy and early life period. She participated in European Research Council project (ERC Starting grant), Marie-Curie IEF-H2020, EIT-FOOD, ERA-HDHL, PRIMA projects. She supervised 6 PhD Theses (plus 5 ongoing) and over 10 MSc Theses and several student supervisions. She was involved in external expert working groups and also, develops activities in various national and international committees for the evaluation of research projects. She is involved in the Executive Committee- International Society for Research in Human Milk and Lactation (ISRHML), Spanish Society of Microbiota, Probiotics and Prebiotics (SEMiPyP). In addition, she is member of various scientific societies (SEMiPyP, ASM, ASN, ISRHML) and she chaired and co-chaired scientific and organizing committees of congresses with international relevance (FASEB, KEYSTONE, IHMC, ISHRML) as well as a Board member of “Microbiome Virtual International Forum” (MIV-F), a monthly virtual conference.